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My SAAY 5: We need you in the Movement to End Sexual Violence

Since 2005, Trace Fleming has been actively involved as an advocate against sexual violence.  In more recent years, she has been an active proponent for the vicarious trauma mitigation and self-care. Trace has served as President of the Board of Directors for the Alabama Coalition Against Rape (ACAR) as well as various other roles on the Executive, Public Relations, Legislative, and Membership Committees. Trace created the successful Self-Care for Advocates, a vicarious trauma and burnout support group for anti-violence advocates on Facebook and is responsible for its moderation...

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Jeannie is a sexual violence program advocate at 2nd Chance. She likes boots, her truck, Pokemon hunting, candy, and has a fierce determination to help those who have been victimized transition into warriors.

Note from Jeannie: So, I haven’t written a blog since, like MySpace.   Good luck to me and here’s to hoping I don’t use obnoxious amounts of bad grammar.

Becoming a Warrior for Medical Care (and Self Care) after Sexual Violence Trauma

I refer to myself as a girl with a hard backstory. In a movie you sometimes need the backstory. Maybe in this blog you need some backstory. If it traumatizes you to read about someone else’s hard back story please scroll past the next section.

Trigger warning: Sexual Violence, I hate when trigger warnings have triggers in them! Will someone plea...

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Adisa Salim is the Shelter Director for 2nd Chance, Inc. She is a mother of five sons and grandmother to nine. She is a community activist, author and spoken word artist. 

When I was a little girl, I didn’t have the “sex” talk with my mom. There was no talk of healthy sexuality because the rule in my childhood home was simple, sex was bad, don’t do it. In the 80s and 90s, the message that was most prominent was “just say no” to drugs rather than “no means no” when it came to my body. So, at 16 years old when I found myself being sexually assaulted by a boy I considered a friend. I didn’t tell anyone. I blamed myself for being in a place I shouldn’t have been. I blamed myself for trusting him. I rationalized what happened to me, filed it in the back of my mind and never spoke of it...

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MY SAAY: My Sexual Assault Awareness Year

Sexual Assault Awareness Month or SAAM is a yearly national event that seeks to draw attention to rape culture and sexual violence prevention every April. It’s a month often stuffed full with presentations and special events like campus Take Back the Night rallies and Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. There’s press and speaking engagements. There are declarations and proclamations, balloon launches, speeches, and Clothesline Projects.  There are drum circles and concerts, and supply drives.  There are poetry slams and survivor speak outs. There are readings of the Stanford Victim’s Impact Statement, pledges to stop the violence because It’s On Us; Red Flag Campaigns, and oh, oh, so many teal ribbons.

It’s a lot- and it’s beautiful. It’s also humbling and exhausting...

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