MY SAAY: My Sexual Assault Awareness Year


Sexual Assault Awareness Month or SAAM is a yearly national event that seeks to draw attention to rape culture and sexual violence prevention every April. It’s a month often stuffed full with presentations and special events like campus Take Back the Night rallies and Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. There’s press and speaking engagements. There are declarations and proclamations, balloon launches, speeches, and Clothesline Projects.  There are drum circles and concerts, and supply drives.  There are poetry slams and survivor speak outs. There are readings of the Stanford Victim’s Impact Statement, pledges to stop the violence because It’s On Us; Red Flag Campaigns, and oh, oh, so many teal ribbons.

It’s a lot- and it’s beautiful. It’s also humbling and exhausting. April is special for sure.

But for prevention educators and advocates against rape culture, SAAM just isn’t enough. Certainly, not when for so many, sexual violence trauma is something that they are aware of every day. Rape culture isn’t something that gets tucked back into the storage room on May 1st. For folks like us, it’s really a Sexual Assault Awareness Year.

So, in answer to that, we will be posting 52 blog posts in this space that will all address various topics surrounding sexual violence prevention, awareness, and anti-oppression work. The posts will be written by survivors, advocates, and friends of 2nd Chance. Our intent is that these posts will be used to help create additional dialog for our on-going efforts to end rape culture.

We will work to ensure that this space remain safe for everyone. Comments that are harmful will be removed. This is our first blog, so we expect to learn much along the way. If you would like to contribute a post, please email